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The Power of Passion and Perseverance
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I’m always a fan of books that help me see new perspectives. Authors Linda Thaler and Robin Kova, explain that aptitude precedes brilliance when it comes to achieving extraordinary highest. Although intelligence in our society is often characterized as the primary factor that determines success, it is not the core foundation according to the book G.R.I.T. By offering step-by-step guidelines on how to view the road to success, G.R.I.T. shares captivating stories that motivate and inspire anyone looking to advance in their career or develop some hardcore ambition.
Krewe Sunglasses
24K Gold Plated Hardware
As a native Charlestonian, it's no surprise that I spend a majority of my free time on the beach. After logging some serious hours in the sun, I've acquired a broad collection of sunglasses. My favorite brand right now is Krewe du Optic- a New Orlean's-based company that hand makes both sunglasses and vision glasses. Both sharp and practical, I wear them daily to protect my eyes and complete my outfit. The classic design allows me to wear them with everything from beach casual to business.
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Hustle Weekly Planner
2017-18 Midyear planner
I take pride in being a successful multi-tasker and the only reason I have the ability to focus on various things at one time is because of my planner. That’s why I love my Hustle Weekly Planner. I use my planner multiple times a day. It’s the next best thing to having a personal assistant. I have designated spaces in my planner to set goals professionally, financially and physically. It's awesome. Because the Hustle Weekly Planner is well organized and provided designated areas for plans, it stands out from a regular planner that you can find in a local retail chain. Having the structured areas for the vision board or top 3 weekly to-do’s helps me systemize priorities and stay on track with my tasks and ideas. It’s the best weekly planner for busy, organized and creative people.
Prescription glasses
I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 9 years old, picking out glasses has always been difficult. I wanted glasses that were stylish, not too feminine and not too masculine. That’s why my Warby Parker “Keene” glasses are ideal. I wear them every day and they’re great for anti-glare and help filtering out sunlight and other harsh lights. What really hooked me was Warby Parker’s customer experience. Their sales associates were very friendly and their store had a wall with all of the choices on either side. All of their glasses are unisex and they’re all the same price. Which lets you focus on picking out the style that suits you best, rather than be forced into one section, which made it a more natural shopping experience. Also Warby Parker donates a portion of their sales to their non-profit partner which help train people in third world countries to give eye exams and prescribe vision glasses; which makes them a great choice, both for their style and culture.
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