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Monthly box of goodies for dogs and their humans starting at $20.
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November 19th is my dog, Bronson’s birthday, and in true Maga Design-fashion, the office included him in the birthday festivities. They gave Bronson a subscription to Bark Box that included treats, bones and his now favorite toy, a squeaky piece of pumpkin pie (with whipped cream on top!). I recommend this as a gift for the dog-lover in your life, you can give one box or set up a monthly subscription. I can’t say enough how awesome of a gift I thought this was.
Official Description
BarkBox is a monthly box of goodies for dogs and their humans starting at $20. For humans, BarkBox is a monthly delivery of toys, treats, and chews. For dogs, BarkBox is like the joy of 1 million belly scratches. From heavy chewers to special allergies, we paw-pick the best natural treats, chews, and innovative toys to match your dog’s unique preferences.
Each monthly box contains a combination of 4-5 treats, toys, and occasional hygiene products that have been hand selected and approved by Scout, head product tester for BarkBox. Each month is thoughtfully crafted and each item is unique from anything we'll ever send in a later box - variety is the spice of life, no?
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