Bentgo All-in-One

Stackable Lunch/Bento Box
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Htoo Myat
When I’m not going out to lunch with the other Maga Design team members, I always bring my Bentgo. Design is my thing, and this has a very sleek look and is easy to transport. It allows me to pack anything I want for lunch with a cup for soup, containers for sauces, and utensils. It's functional and easy. Since I instagram my lunch every day, it’s also perfect for photo ops.
Official Description
Bentgo is the sleek lunch box solution for school, work, and travel. No more brown-bag lunches or disposable plastic and paper containers. With Bentgo, packing and transporting food is quick, simple, and eco-friendly.
• Microwave, dishwasher, & freezer safe (Do not put center divider in dishwasher or microwave) • BPA-free & FDA approved - All food grade materials • Top container nests inside the bottom one for compact & easy storage • Includes built-in plastic silverware - fork, knife and spoon • Durable, reusable, and healthy - 2 Year Warranty
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