Copic Markers

Ultra-blendable, low odor, alcohol based ink markers
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I'm extremely concerned with quality, and the Copic markers are the best. They come in so many colors and are refillable, which is awesome. They're a juxtaposition between refinement and the ability to do something crazy."
Official Description
Sketch 12pc Basic Set. Scores of anime, manga and comics artists – as well as landscape, product, architecture and fashion designers – prefer Copic markers because of their ultra-blendable, low odor, alcohol based inks. Unlike water-based inks, which tend to pill and oversoak the paper while blending, Copics mix on the surface to deliver the wonderfully rich blends they're known for. This outstanding performance has distinguished Copic markers as the celebrated coloring tool within professional, semi-professional and hobby circles alike. .
• Packaged in a clear plastic case, a sketch set is the ideal way to begin or add to a marker collection • Refillable markers and replaceable nibs; compatible with copic air brush system • Alcohol-based ink is
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