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Designed to help bring some balance to our modern screen-filled lives.
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Natalie Levy
Go North Notebooks and Micron Technical Pens are the perfect pen and notebook combo. I am always taking notes and drawing ideas out, so I appreciate ergonomics and quality in a notebook without sacrificing flexibility. I love the quality of the paper and toughness of the micron pen nibs, which allows me to ideate wherever I am.
Official Description
NORTHBOOKS notebooks are designed to help bring some balance to our modern screen-filled lives. Our SIMPLE, MINIMALIST DESIGN ensures that nothing distracts from what you choose to put into your notebooks--whether you choose to journal, sketch, or take notes. Our durable 100% RECYCLED COVERS are strong and flexible, making them a great choice for the top of your desk or the bottom of your bag. Northbooks are DESIGNED, SOURCED, AND MADE right here in the USA, and we are committed to keeping it that way. We believe our focus on quality materials and craftsmanship pays off, and we think you will agree. Northbooks is honored to have your business, and we encourage you to give your suggestions--your input might help shape future Northbooks products. Click Add to Cart and BUY NOW!
MADE WITH PRIDE IN THE USA: We are a small independent company, working directly with our customers to create the highest quality product we can. We are dedicated to making notebooks that you can rely on and enjoy. We were founded in New York and are proud to keep our entire design and manufacturing process right here in the USA. Please share your feedback and suggestions--we love hearing from our you!
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