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Sophie Selk
With my dogs I am always in and out of the house playing fetch running into chatty neighbors and then realizing that i have been tiptoeing around in my socks. These nifty shoes are no ordinary slippers, and effortlessly transform from an indoor to an outdoor accessory with their colorful detachable soles. I recommend this as a gift for anyone who loves well-designed purposeful products that make your everyday life just a little bit more comfortable and, of course, a little more colorful.
Official Description
From indoor to outdoor, open to protected. Our detachable soles flick-on and clip-down in seconds.
An outdoor TPU sole that offers grip, protection and comfort. In seconds convert to indoor sole, that is both light and comfortable. A collapsible heel for easy slip-on and impossible heel comfort. A work-shoe this is not. Heel support, grip and relaxed comfort.
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