Pilot Precise V5

Rolling ball pens with extra fine point
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Sean Bruce
The pen is a tool that you don’t use as much these days. Laptops, tablets smartphones have eviscerated its need. For me, it’s important to put pen to paper. Whether I'm sketching out a detailed Spiderman drawing or a rough architectural sketch for an app, this pen makes life easier. That tangible feel experience is so important. Certain pens make you write a certain way, the same way a pair of jeans makes you walk a different way depending on the cut and fabric. It took years, but I’ve finally found a pen that I like, and it’s the Pilot Precise V5 RT.
Official Description
Pilot Precise V5 RT Retractable Rolling Ball Pens feature a unique liquid ink formula that maintains consistent flowing strokes. With patented precise needle point technology, each pen has a ringed ink feeder for a smooth and even ink flow, and a visible ink supply lets you see how much ink is left. These pens come with 0.5mm extra fine point tungsten carbide tips and are available in a variety of colors (sold separately) to emphasize, organize, and color-code information. Pilot Precise V5 RT pens have a retractable, new-age design that is refillable and also safe for airplane use. An all-around quality retractable pen.
• Retractable and refillable version of the Precise V5 Pen • Incredibly smooth, skip-free writing and rubber grip with traction pockets • Visible ink supply lets you see how much ink is left • Extra fine point (0.5mm) for precise writing
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